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What is a high efficiency furnace?

What is a high efficiency furnace? A high efficiency furnace is a furnace that is capable of converting almost 97 percent of the fuel into energy, wasting only the remaining 3 percent. This is a very good percentage of fuel being converted into energy considering the fact that the earlier furnaces had the capacity of converting only 60 percent of the fuel into energy, which means that 40 percent was wasted. This figure changed, with people manufacturing furnaces that used 80 percent of the fuel. However, there are several high efficiency gas furnaces that are available now. As they are very efficient in terms of fuel utilization, there will be plenty of benefits in replacing your old furnace with these new efficient ones.

High efficiency gas furnaces make use of electronic ignition technology, unlike the standard forced air furnace, which uses a pilot light. The pilot light is one of the main reasons of fuel wastage, which results in the low AFUE rating, in standard furnaces. This is because the pilot light is in a mode of continuous burning, whether the furnace is being used or not. The electronic spark ignition, or the “hot surface,” on the other hand saves energy, as they get activated only when the furnace is engaged.  You can obtain additional benefits by having your contractor install the correct size (capacity) of furnace for your home. A properly sized furnace can reduce noise, improve combustion safety, and also reduce energy consumption.

Finally, another advantage of better efficiency is that they are more comfortable. These furnaces tend to keep the home at a more even temperature and moderate temperature fluctuations that can occur with lesser efficiency furnaces. Only you know how valuable this benefit is when working out whether to upgrade or not.

If you are interested in replacing your existing gas furnace with a high efficiency one Eddy’s Reliable Plumbing & Gas Fitting would be happy to assist you.